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In the year 1996 a group of young and dynamic engineers had a vision to set up their production line of transformers. Their charismatic leader Mr . Nisssar Shikalgaar, on completion of his graduation worked for a private company for 4 years. He then started his own business of transformer manufacturing in partnership at Pirangut, Pune. On gaining valuable experience in this field, with the help of dedicated team, they set up their independent business in the year 2004. In the years 2007, they formed Nissar Transformers Pvt Ltd at Shirval, Pune. With over 4 years of experience in the manufacturing, NTPL has grown in geographical reach, market size and product range to become one of the leading Transformer manufacturing company. Our products & services comprehensively fulfilled the requirements of local and international markets. Transformers are the backbone of any production industry. These are the lifelines that ensure high degree of productivity & enhance output. In turn these help in healthy economical growth of the nation. Now-a-days any nation is termed as ‘advanced’ due to its industrial output & wealth generating capacity. The transformers play a direct role in achieving these aims. Considering their pivotal position in the industry, these are most sought after equipments. The functional efficiency, less maintenance cost, after sales service period, longer service life, reliability, competitive cost etc are some of the governing factors considered during selection of a particular brand of transformer. NTPL has polarized its attention in achieving these key factors, undertook production of quality & reliable transformers. The company has made a niche in domestic & international markets, no wonder NTPL is recognized in the crowd due to their quality products within a short span of time.
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Design & Development

Design & development are ongoing and continuous programs to cope with meeting variety of requirements. The requirements differ from people to people or location to location. These programs should be dynamic in nature, for ranking high in terms of quality products; they should fulfill the design requirements. The design should be optimum, cost effective, and reliable in terms of service. Therefore special attention is required towards aspects like design for manufacturability, design for sales appeal, design for cost effectiveness, design for reliability & design for value analysis etc. At the same time one cannot afford to lose the track of current trends & state-of-art technological processes. In spite of above, one has to strive to maintain top position in the present competitive world. The maximum yield of quality of raw material is a governing factor in cost effectiveness. Therefore existence of a sound, knowledge based design & development system has been an integral part of NTPL.


Core of a transformer is similar to the heart to a living being. Considering its importance, many issues are kept in mind for design like manufacturing functional reliability, longer service life, economy etc. Due weight age is given for careful selection of proper material & optimization of the shape of this unit. The efficiency of the Transformer depends entirely on this crucial component.


The Windings allow the flow of oil around the conductor in between sections. These Windings are made of high grade electrolytic copper, which are designed to optimize thermal, mechanical, electrical stresses depending upon the current & voltage requirements. Depending on the specific design criteria-spiral, cross-over, helical & disk type windings are used. The machines for windings are equipped with different speed gears ensure the proper tension is maintained on the windings. In order to give the windings extra strength & axial cooling of the ducts, dove tail key spaces are maintained.

Public Transportation


This plays a major role in space utilization, compactness, ease of transportability, handling & installation. Every care is taken for judicious space utilization without compromising the functional efficiency. Establishing a proper production line in assembly shop always helps in obtaining high production rate.

Vacuum Drying Plant

During fabrication of transformer many processes involve use of water & ingress of moisture. The metallic surfaces cannot be ignored for having influence of material at certain critical areas. Therefore incorporating state-of-the art technological process is imperative as ordinary processes are ineffective. These not only increase longer service life but also reduce after sales service costs.

Transformer Oil

Virginity & purity of oil used in transformers is of paramount importance. The contamination, inclusion of foreign particles even of microscope level or water particles causes harmful effect on proper functioning of the transformer. These further affect desired functional characteristics. These harmful elements are kept at bay by filtering the oil.

Tank & Final Assembly

After ensuring that the active part is fully dry & moisture free, it is lowered inside a suitably designed & fabricated mild steel tank. These tanks are thoroughly cleaned & painted before testing, are filled in with freshly filtered oil. The connections to LV & HV terminals are made as per drawings & all relevant parts fitted in before the Transformer is sent for testing.

Tank Fabrication & Sand Blasting

The corrosion due to presence of moisture in the environment, brittleness of material due to influence of various gases, the formation of rust flakes, etc is not desirable on the surface of the transformer tank. These will have adverse effects on surfaces & ultimately lead to shortening of service life. The sand blasting is an effective process which helps in removal of harmful rust flakes. The proper painting gives aesthetic look of assemblage. It increases the service life of the Transformer by insuring protection against undesirable influences of the environment.