Services We Provide:  
WE provide various types of services to customers related HT/LT Switchgear and Transformers.In areas such as
• Erection
• Commissioning
• Repairs
• Servicing
• Retrofitting
• Maintenance
• Testing (HT/LT Switchgear and transformers)
• Transformer oil filtration up to 6000 LPH capacity
Besides operating as spares and services agency, we also work as consultant and suppliers of all critical electrical equipments in areas such as sub-station engineering , where in we help industrial customer in selecting and supply of proper switchgear and transformer products from vast range of switchgears
Equipment & Ordering Reference:
The information required to be furnished along with the Enquiry or Order is as follows
• Rated power in KVA
• Voltage on primary side
• Voltage on secondary side
• Frequency of supply
• Vector group of the Transformer
• Tapping details in percentage
• Specified losses & impedance
• Insulation level for HV & LV
• Cooling media (air, mineral or silicon oil)
• Type of application (indoor or outdoor)
• Standard in force to comply with
• Maximum ambient temperature of the region
• Altitude above sea level if in excess of 1000 m
• Conservator type, sealed or with welded cover
• Protective & monitoring system required
Information on Standard Fittings:

• Oil level indicator
• Off lead tap changer
• Breather
• Name plate
• Sampling valve
• Drain valve
• Roller
• Lifting hook
• Oil filling hole with cap
• H.V porcelene bushing

• L. V porcelene bushing
• Lifting lug
• Filter valve
• Radiator
• Conservator
• Conservator drain plug
• Earthing terminal
• Pulling eye
• Air release plug
• Explosion vent

We are also adequately, equipped with necessary test facilities and equipments to enable us offer our services in more total and qualitative manner, and the list includes equipments such as
• IR test
• Imported gas leakage detectors
• Transformer oil filtration plant up to 6000 LHP CAPACITY
• Primary/secondary injection test set
• Contact resistances micro-ohm meter
• Measuring instruments
• Transformer all routing test
• Portable SF6 gas transfer/ recovery unit
• Earth tester
• Polarity test
Which is first of its type required at sites by any agency/ firm so far? As and when required these test sets are taken to sites in our own mobile test vehicle
Nissar Switchgear / Transformers Spares
We always maintain stock of critical spares. This enables us to supply and fit genuine spares at short notice. This includes ACB, SFG, GCB, VCB, BOCBS, and transformer & OLTC spares